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4 Strategic Planning Co-creation Steps & Benefits

Strategic co-creation planning…what’s that? Many organizations, particularly those in the for-profit SME and the NFP sectors have, until now, operated well on the outdated annual programme/budget basis. Now, downward pressure on income and/or funding is revealing the lack of organizational skills in both management and programme development and delivery. They are ineffective and/or inefficient for […]

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How to Co-Create with the Customer

It wasn’t so long ago that I heard a C-suite executive say that working with staff and the customer to develop strategy was equal to communism. Ah! The good old days of single-minded hierarchy! Happily, as we seek to flatten the organization it’s even become desirable, among some circles, to talk about co-creation of strategy […]

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Ways to Help Employees Self-engage!

If you aren’t a regular Apple store or Zappos’ customer, you may not have experienced one of the higher forms of the engaged employee. More often than not, you may have experienced the opposite. Many employers still don’t recognize the multitude of valuable aspects of having employees who are interested in their work and the […]

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How to Dramatically Improve Stakeholder Consultations

Asking stakeholders what they want used to be an exercise in self-flagellation. The assumption was that you had to take everyone’s perspective seriously and literally. Those that complained loudest were given the most attention. Consultations are an important and growing component of aligning organizations, both public and private with the community / customers they represent […]

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Solution Focused dialogue via disagreement at the ‘Kitchen Table’

How do you make sense of negative dialogue during strategic planning? During a strategic planning project the client agreed to roundtable dialogue sessions. The organization was successful, but elements of its old culture made change difficult. We decided on three groups of roundtables: the customers, distributors and staff. In all three areas the client was […]

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Project Management: What’s the opportunity in Solution Focus (SF)?

Most organizations have a comprehensive Change Management Plan to address the changes to scope, schedule or budget of a project. Using this framework, the Project Managers try to quantify the impact of the changes and make decisions accordingly.

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Tips for Solutions Driven Strategic Planning

Want to get more out of strategic planning? Want to make it a creative, concrete way to move the organization move forward right away?
How many times have you seen a SWOT analysis tilting to one side because the Threats and Weaknesses outweighed the Strengths and Opportunities? Why do teams build their plans on the things they already know are not working? Here’s some of the solutions-driven questions used at the recent AMA strategic planning session:

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6 questions for the self-reliant customer

Do we know what our customers really want? Today, there’s so many ways to find out, but are we asking the right questions?
One factor to consider in our questions is the self-reliant customer. They can never be fully self-reliant – they do need you. But, consider this…

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