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Webinar: Helping Teams at War become productive

I’m fascinated by leaders who put up with teams that fight each other. Sometimes it’s open warfare, sometimes below the radar. The casualties – hidden or not – are the customer, productivity and other teams. It’s NOT a harmless sport.

Don’t worry, there’s an effective, sustainable solution.
So join this webinar, especially if you already know how to facilitate change.

Webinar: Helping Teams at War become productive.

This one-hour webinar will offer you a process for facilitating change that’s effective and sustainable.

And, if you have already read Fry the Monkeys, you’ll want to view this webinar on my new solution focus-based programme “Teams at War’

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Webinar: Be The Best Leader You Can Be: Solutions Focused Coaching Techniques

In an effort to make organizations more effective, many are looking at how management and staff can use leadership and coaching techniques to improve quality.

This webinar introduces you to the basics of Solution Focus:

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Webinar Handout:

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Webinar: SFCT & Solution Focus – Building Quality Consulting and Training Solutions for Organizations

Brought to you by SFCT members – John Brooker, Alan Kay and Mark McKergow.
Topics include: – SFCT in a nutshell – SFCT Journal: a case – Peer review – how it works and benefits
Join us to listen to the presentations and interact via your questions
Monday April 16, 2012. 10.00 am EST – 3 pm UK – 1600 CET

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