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Six Big Stakeholder Opportunities in Planning Strategy

Taking the potential for stress out of planning isn’t easy. In fact, though it’s usually unnecessary, anxiety is a reasonable thing to expect. Here’s an example of where an organization engaged various stakeholders in a series of collaborative events, collected feedback, insights, and suggestions and then turned them into a dynamic 3-year plan. What are the […]

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4 Strategic Planning Co-creation Steps & Benefits

Strategic co-creation planning…what’s that? Many organizations, particularly those in the for-profit SME and the NFP sectors have, until now, operated well on the outdated annual programme/budget basis. Now, downward pressure on income and/or funding is revealing the lack of organizational skills in both management and programme development and delivery. They are ineffective and/or inefficient for […]

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Nine questions your colleagues are too embarrassed to ask

Are some of your colleagues feeling stuck about making change happen? Here are some better questions to help your colleagues make change begin to happen. Maybe it’s time to stop talking about the problem? Here’s the dark secret…problem analytics are for your car mechanic and the scientists. When the issue is about people and people […]

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5 Ways to Better Project Results through Solution Focus

Guest post by renowned European based project management expert, John Nicol Running projects with Solution Focus methodology shifts your team focus from “What’s wrong?” to “What’s wanted?” Any project I have ever been involved with gets stuck at some point.  Project stuckness tends to be rooted in problems of resource allocation, poor scheduling and inaccuracies […]

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