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5 ways to envision a project positively… and reach solutions faster

Traditionally, project managers tend to be risk-focused and assess project risks, ranging from those that are most likely to cause system failures (integration, security, etc) or have a huge cost impact (licensing, outsourcing, etc), to those that might push the schedule back in failed scenarios (resource related risks). A lot of time is spent looking at ways of de-risking situations and analyzing what could go wrong.
John Nicol helps answer these questions and explains how Solution Focus (SF), due to its collaborative and facilitative nature can be a very powerful tool to enable project discussions with failures removed.
John is a SF professional and a Certified Scrum Master. As a SF professional, he has been successfully applying the approach in different types of businesses. He suggests the following 5 ways SF can complement project management.
Look at successful methods of doing things to enable progress
Apply SF “future perfect” tool for better project planning
Leverage SF coaching to self-organize teams
Acknowledge and reward your team to promote solution-talk
Maintain transparency in communication with the Business Partners to create visibility