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Six Big Stakeholder Opportunities in Planning Strategy

Taking the potential for stress out of planning isn’t easy. In fact, though it’s usually unnecessary, anxiety is a reasonable thing to expect. Here’s an example of where an organization engaged various stakeholders in a series of collaborative events, collected feedback, insights, and suggestions and then turned them into a dynamic 3-year plan. What are the […]

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4 Strategic Planning Co-creation Steps & Benefits

Strategic co-creation planning…what’s that? Many organizations, particularly those in the for-profit SME and the NFP sectors have, until now, operated well on the outdated annual programme/budget basis. Now, downward pressure on income and/or funding is revealing the lack of organizational skills in both management and programme development and delivery. They are ineffective and/or inefficient for […]

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The Silo is Dead. Long Live the Silo!

  First: organizational silos are not a bad thing. They are created by pools of expertise, required in matrix organizations and in compliance-driven businesses. Second: silos are bad – very bad – for the customer when the silos hide behind their expertise, hoard power and lack expertise in collaboration. They also encourage passivity among those […]

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12 Better Questions to Ask Un-cooperative Colleagues

Cooperation. Collaboration. Easy to prescribe. Hard to do. Why? Because everyone is operating with different views of the goals. Some people might be skilled at their job, but still don’t know how to cooperate. Others may be anxious to hide their deficiencies on the project so they cannot cooperate. You get the picture. It’s a […]

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People are trying to collaborate. Solution focus.

Everyone’s trying to collaborate…

…just not each other’s way. Crazy, or counter to what you know about your organization though this may seem, it’s actually true. Despite situations where divisiveness appears rampant, or at least well practiced, there are always some forms of collaboration taking place … a lot more than is understood. After all, people turn up every […]

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When collaboration ‘kills innovation’ try co-creation

Finally, collaboration is in vogue! So why is someone saying that it kills innovation? I’m sick of collaboration. It makes things mushy and kills innovation So spoke a participant impatient for change at a recent planning session. It could be that, in this person’s field, some of the collaborators are actually more interested in the […]

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