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4 Strategic Planning Co-creation Steps & Benefits

Strategic co-creation planning…what’s that? Many organizations, particularly those in the for-profit SME and the NFP sectors have, until now, operated well on the outdated annual programme/budget basis. Now, downward pressure on income and/or funding is revealing the lack of organizational skills in both management and programme development and delivery. They are ineffective and/or inefficient for […]

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Autonomy Mastery Purpose: Engage them with Solution Focus

It’s not money that motivates people to better performance and satisfaction … according to Dan Pink. He says money is a motivator, but in a limited way. Surprisingly, it doesn’t encourage anything beyond getting the work done.   If in the first place you don’t pay people enough, they won’t be motivated at all. When […]

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Solution Focus in a Large Complex Organization

“Now we can see the cheese, not only the holes!” – Head of Strategy Project Interview with Susanne Burgstaller who is a Solution-Focused consultant, coach, and facilitator. She is founder and managing director of usolvit consultants GmbH and has just brought out her new book “Solution Focus in Organisations. Consulting and leading from the Future” […]

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Small-Steps and Prototypes To Create Better, then Bigger Change

Now that people are used to seeking change – correction, demanding it – we often find ourselves like the dog chasing and catching the car’s tailpipe. How do we manage big expectations and actually make something happen? I draw your attention to an article by one of my favourite big-picture thinkers, Matt Ridley*. In this one […]

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Value Creation: Develop Solutions That Work for Clients

If you are an expert inside an organization or a consultant / supplier of knowledge services, you probably find it hard to resist offering opinions informed by your skills or process. All the more so when you are among your fellow experts. If you are preparing for a meeting, or debriefing at the end of […]

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ROI in the Application of Solution Focus in Banking

An interview: Olympia, welcome back. We’ve already heard from you about Solution Focus Mentoring in organizations. You work with a variety of organizations on projects using the Solution Focus approach to change and growth. You’ve been designing tailored leadership development programs blending coaching and mentoring in order to bring proven ROI (Return on Investment). Let’s focus […]

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Why is it Comforting to Listen to Problem-focused Media

The job of the journalist is to create transparency. So, why do we pay so much attention to the media’s incessant drumbeat about the world, our country and our city falling apart? Why do we turn on the online news before breakfast and again for the 6 o’clock TV news to hear the latest list of […]

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Adding lightness in order to get your team to take flight

In the world of aviation design, there’s a practice of removing weight so an aircraft requires less energy to fly higher, faster and further. It seems simple, but it takes considerable skill to know where to remove the things that matter. Retaining an aircraft’s structural integrity and building its backup systems are critical for the […]

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To Improve Engagement, Eliminate Your Problem Analysis Virus.

Much good work is being done to create organizations that have engaged leadership, employees, and customers through non-hierarchical (even holacratic*) approaches. Increasingly driven by creativity and self-governing processes, these businesses stand out in intensely competitive markets or sectors. Meanwhile, in some organizations – even those with an eye on the engagement approach – the problem […]

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Just do it: Making Risk Easier

Risk avoidance is easy. Risk assessment and action is harder. The CMO had stuck his head in the marketing team’s door. They were anxiously discussing the merits of the organization’s proposed brand and customer experience position. He said, ‘Stop the discussion and get on with implementing it…now!’ One of the team said, ‘But the research […]

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