Adding lightness in order to get your team to take flight

In the world of aviation design, there’s a practice of removing weight so an aircraft requires less energy to fly higher, faster and further.Aircraft, reduce weight

It seems simple, but it takes considerable skill to know where to remove the things that matter. Retaining an aircraft’s structural integrity and building its backup systems are critical for the sake of avoiding risk.

In organizations, this practice works in reverse – we add simply weight to avoid risk. Organizations are full of leaders, departments and individuals unconsciously weighing down the vehicle and preventing forward momentum. The organization may also be burdened by external legislation that leaves people twisting in the wind. We neglect to ask how we may move faster and further.

How do we add lightness to people’s work in organizations?

How do we lighten up the load and make the organization’s people more productive and stronger?

Workarounds are the traditional route and they’re helpful, but they simply reinforce the trap of living with, or adding, unnecessary weight. They avoid the obvious need for real change.

We can free up excess weight by clarifying the problems that people tackle, but do not take them on board.

Here are several tools from my colleagues who use Solution Focus. Use them to shed the weight that will get your team in the air.

John Brooker of Yes!and… How to Trigger Creative Ideas

Coert Visser of The Progress-Focused Approach: The curse of Knowledge

Michael Cardus of Create Learning: 7 questions to solve problems and innovate

Still not convinced? Of douse, you could wait for a certain Brazilian billionaire businessman buy your organization and eliminate jobs with the stroke of a pen. There’s a lot less problem talk on those organizations!