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4 Strategic Planning Co-creation Steps & Benefits

Strategic co-creation planning…what’s that? Many organizations, particularly those in the for-profit SME and the NFP sectors have, until now, operated well on the outdated annual programme/budget basis. Now, downward pressure on income and/or funding is revealing the lack of organizational skills in both management and programme development and delivery. They are ineffective and/or inefficient for […]

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How to Co-Create with the Customer

It wasn’t so long ago that I heard a C-suite executive say that working with staff and the customer to develop strategy was equal to communism. Ah! The good old days of single-minded hierarchy! Happily, as we seek to flatten the organization it’s even become desirable, among some circles, to talk about co-creation of strategy […]

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4 Concrete Steps to get Diverse Experts to Agree on Change

First, the old recipe for getting agreement: 1: Gather cross-sector experts to talk about the problem and boil the ocean. The problem with understanding something is that it gives us the illusion you can fix it. – Hart Blanton 2: Make sure they are speaking from their expert language silos, albeit it may sound like […]

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14 Ways to Co-create a Strategic Framework and Get Buy-in

Having trouble making sense of the strategy everyone bought into a year ago? Wondering if the organization isn’t equipped for the challenges you face? Some say that culture eats strategy for lunch suggesting that the two are mutually exclusive and that one is superior. Under pressure for being touchy-feely, culture fans like to strike out […]

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Why creating a culture of solutions is critical, not ‘fluff’

Should a CEO allow her people ample time to analyze problems in the usual manner? You know those meetings…what seemed like a problem last week now looks like a crisis. The players appear to collaborate, yet they explore the problem and who’s responsible for fixing it. Action might happen, but it’s rooted in managing the […]

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3 ways organizations can manage marketing programs effectively

Guest blog post by Ujjwal Daga, ———————- Efficiently planning a complex multi-modal marketing plan, executing the plan on time and on budget, measuring and evaluating the campaign’s effectiveness, and ultimately driving higher ROI on the campaign budget can be quite an overwhelming task for most marketing departments. How can we manage the marketing program in […]

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4 ways NFPs learn from the perils of bad strategy and lack of clarity

Management professor Richard Rumelt asserts that bad strategy abounds in organizations. Former CEO John Bell asserts clarity via strategic plans captured in one page. Not much to disagree with on both counts. They both focus on strategy for shareholder-driven business. How does strategy apply to multi-stakeholder organizations, e.g., NFPs like hospitals, public service, fund-raising charities, […]

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