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Explaining Solution Focus to an insurance actuary

My colleague Promod Sharma of Taxevity* is an insurance actuary. He wanted to hear via a typical client story about how I personally use the Solution Focus approach to help support change in organizations. I was keen to give him a good example of the excellence of SF! Main topic: Small-steps lead to big change For […]

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Small-Steps and Prototypes To Create Better, then Bigger Change

Now that people are used to seeking change – correction, demanding it – we often find ourselves like the dog chasing and catching the car’s tailpipe. How do we manage big expectations and actually make something happen? I draw your attention to an article by one of my favourite big-picture thinkers, Matt Ridley*. In this one […]

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When Stuck, Small Change is Beautiful

Some people feel stuck when forces make the situation they face seem insurmountable. It doesn’t seem at all beautiful to them. I always begin the project briefing with the question: What’s working that you don’t want to change? Followed by: What will it look like when the problem goes away? The answers to these questions […]

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