Why a team should have a vision

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Should we care if a team has a vision? Too idealistic?

First of all, Thomas A. Stewart wrote, The 4 Types of Teams All Leaders Need to Understand. Good point! We know there are different types of leadership and that most people have a dominant style and several secondary styles that they use situationally. So too with teams.

And, as Jesse Lyn Stoner says, teams can drift.

It seems to me that teams also need a vision for themselves (within the larger group vision). It also won’t do them any harm to define the team competence and role. But, more of that later.

Here are few Solution Focused questions I have used to help leaders set a team vision:

Thinking of your team’s capabilities, suppose they were even more successful in the future…

  • What are the team’s current strengths (from the perspective of: yourself, your manager, colleagues)?
  • What would they be doing well in the future (relative to the corporate vision)?
  • What will the larger team / the organization see them doing that works well for them?
  • How would that be useful to our customers, to other teams in the organization?
  • Therefore, a vision for the team is…(it should be pretty clear if you stick to the above questions)
  • What would be the team’s first steps towards living the vision?

Your view…does a team need a vision?

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