What to do when you facilitate change, strategy or a meeting!

When I wrote the book ‘Fry a Monkey. Create a Solution’ I had only one idea in mind – that it be useful to people who facilitate (today, that’s most of us). I had no desire to write a bestseller.

I wasn’t worried about the books title; there’s been demand for answers about business monkeys for a while

What’s exciting is hearing from the book’s readers/users about the areas that have been helpful for them.  Here’s what they have said…

‘I keep it on my desk and use it when I’m developing a meeting or a presentation and I’m giving copies to my business colleagues.’

‘I used the approach in a meeting with a senior head-office executive. Afterwards my boss told me that the exec was impressed…that he wanted me to consider moving to head office’

‘We need a copy for each of the session attendees.’

‘Why have you not yet done a version specifically for project managers?’

‘This is great!’ (Holding the book tightly) ‘I can tell it’s written in your voice.’

I’m totally confident that you will get value from the book. Still, click on the monkey below to hear more reasons to get this easy-to-use handbook for speeding up change and progress and reaching better outcomes.


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1 thought on “What to do when you facilitate change, strategy or a meeting!

  1. Ujjwal Daga

    And here is what I have to say.
    “The area that I have benefited the most after reading this book is in my ability to ask better questions. It has produced amazing results for me in some of my meetings and planning sessions.”

    p.s. Interesting image used.

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