Make the Most of Change with Solution Focus. Now!

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“Organizations need to be nimble so that they can better manage and adapt to the changes that are going to happen anyway” Kevin Aguanno

A while ago I wrote that we have to not only adapt to change, but get in front of change. I advocate that Solution Focus is the way to do it. It’s not the only way, but the best way to make things happen.

As Kevin Aguanno says, change is going to happen anyway. We don’t have much of a say in that, do we! Or, do we?

Solution focus is the smart way to change. The approach is surprisingly simple, if counter intuitive. But, by leveraging our intuitive and our rational mind we can achieve a lot in a shorter period than we expect. How?

Two of the founders of the approach, Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer noticed the following approach (not necessarily in this order), helped people’s problems better right away:

What’s already working (that we don’t have to change)

Suppose the problem we face went away, what would be happening instead?

Suppose we were successful, what small steps would we see ourselves taking right way

While there is nothing startling about these ideas, it’s the application of them without stopping to examine the problem that makes the difference. Overlooking the problem is often the hard part. But, by setting aside our curiosity about problems in favour of these three perspectives we open up great possibilities.

Where can we apply this in business? Unless the building is burning down, it is a stable platform for progress everywhere we seek to deal with change.

Join us November 10 (details available soon) at SFBiz to look at how this approach works and where we might apply it in our day-to-day practices.

Meantime, more on Solution Focus

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