How not to handle stress

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Here’s a way to make a difficult situation worse. I came across a web page titled, “Work related stress – together we can tackle it”.

What do you think is wrong with this typical to-do list?

It’s clear they are trying to be helpful, but nothing will get better:

  • There’s no room for knowing what people want to be better
  • There’s no attempt to find out what doesn’t have to change
  • It’s not structured to find solutions
  • If anything, it’s designed to institutionalize the problem
  • Risks have to be minimized, just not this way

As I say in my short video about analyzing problems

Leadership in an organization should be looking for alternatives.

How do we get to solutions? We have to be counter-intuitive to what you see in the to-do list:

  • Ask people what they would want instead of the problem
  • Ask them about times when the problem didn’t exist (might have to dig a little at first)
  • Ask them which part of the problem they’d like to get better
  • Ask them to suppose that the problem diminished and things were better, what would be happening?
  • Ask them what small steps might get them moving towards what they wanted to happen.

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