Every case is different. Every solution is unique.

Counterintuitive solutions for …

Consulting, Coaching and Leading.

We sometimes look to best practices to find answers surrounding what’s vexing our team or a client. Some clients even expect the consultant to solve the ‘problem’!! But, does this help drive progress and change? Possibly, but only if we acknowledge the following:

Every case is different.

We now recognize that every individual is unique – so too is every team and every organization. They are composites of a vast amount of experiences, beliefs, and behaviors. Did you ever join a group or take up with a new partner only to find out something six months later that took you by surprise? No amount of sharing can reveal the whole picture.

In the Solution Focus approach we (the consultant, coach, etc.) don’t have to know everything. In fact, surprisingly, the less we know the better. The less we make assumptions about what’s best for the individual or the team, the more useful we can be. The more we remember that it’s their experience and resources that matter, the more we can let them be resourceful themselves.

Every case is different. Every interaction with every team is different.

Every solution is unique.

If every case is different, so too is every solution. We need to let go the temptation to share even the best-meaning advice…even when the solution is staring the team in the face. The team may well agree with you, but in not letting them come to their own conclusions, they are less likely to embrace the change they need to make. Help them embrace the solution their way—the solution that is unique to their situation.

How does the leader use this thinking?

As a leader in an organization this may sound highly impractical. The simplest way is to bite your lip and listen – very carefully. You’ll find ample practical ideas in my book Fry the Monkeys, Create a Solution.

Does being counterintuitively driven to let the person/team find their own unique solution to their situation sound like a cop-out, or the wisest thing since sliced bread?

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2 thoughts on “Every case is different. Every solution is unique.

  1. Mark

    I love the article and think its making a good argument that you dont always need to be perfect either before you approach prospects with at least an offer to listen and learn.

  2. Akay

    Thanks Mark. There are exceptions, but the quest for perfection holds back progress.
    Can I send you a download link for my book, “Fry the Monkeys”?

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