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5 ways to envision a project positively… and reach solutions faster

Traditionally, project managers tend to be risk-focused and assess project risks, ranging from those that are most likely to cause system failures (integration, security, etc) or have a huge cost impact (licensing, outsourcing, etc), to those that might push the schedule back in failed scenarios (resource related risks). A lot of time is spent looking at ways of de-risking situations and analyzing what could go wrong.
John Nicol helps answer these questions and explains how Solution Focus (SF), due to its collaborative and facilitative nature can be a very powerful tool to enable project discussions with failures removed.
John is a SF professional and a Certified Scrum Master. As a SF professional, he has been successfully applying the approach in different types of businesses. He suggests the following 5 ways SF can complement project management.
Look at successful methods of doing things to enable progress
Apply SF “future perfect” tool for better project planning
Leverage SF coaching to self-organize teams
Acknowledge and reward your team to promote solution-talk
Maintain transparency in communication with the Business Partners to create visibility

Tips for Solutions Driven Strategic Planning

Want to get more out of strategic planning? Want to make it a creative, concrete way to move the organization move forward right away?
How many times have you seen a SWOT analysis tilting to one side because the Threats and Weaknesses outweighed the Strengths and Opportunities? Why do teams build their plans on the things they already know are not working? Here’s some of the solutions-driven questions used at the recent AMA strategic planning session:

4 Customer Reasons why Project Management gets Better with Solution focus

Project planning is no longer an abstract process. Ujjwal Daga, Alan Kay, Purnendu Nayak, John Nicol and Venkat S. Somasundaram met to talk about how Solution Focus can help Project… Read more »