Authoritative Leaders Let People Develop Their Own Solutions

Autocrat bullies, conversely, are a menace to your organization…unless they have the genius of Steve Jobs

They stifle the value and diversity of individuals, know all the answers, hoard decisions, play favorites, etc., etc.

What do we want instead?

Authoritative leaders: They’re transparent. They delegate, engage people in planning, devolve decision-making, and make the most of diversity. They develop people by letting them create solutions.

‘Yes, but,’ says the autocrat, ‘they don’t have the experience / knowledge / smarts to make good decisions.’ thereby reinforcing the autocrat’s inability be a good leader.

The solution to building solutions among the team?

Ask better questions.

Here’s a typical set of better questions recently asked of several teams in an organization:

What does this team do well?

What would our clients say works best for them?

What can we do better / different / more of?

Suppose we make progress over the next 3 months on our key issue what will be happening?

What will clients notice?

What will staff notice?

What will the executive team see staff doing?

What will staff notice the leadership team doing to support them?

What 3 small-steps plans will we initiate to make progress in the next week?

This helps the staff notice the resources they have for making progress, what needs to be better, develop a view of where they want to arrive, and start working on the change so that they can see it happening right away.

What better questions would you ask to let people develop their own solutions?