Applying Solution Focus for Creating Sustainable Businesses

Challenges for Sustainability v3.0 in businesses:

Guest blog post by my colleague: Venkat Subramanian Somasundaram BEng,MBA, Business & Sustainability Consultant and a supporter of Solution Focus.

My latest paper on Sustainability v3.0 attempts to define the forthcoming Sustainability initiatives in businesses organizations, Sustainability 3.0. The paper also identifies the three anticipated key challenges for Sustainability 3.0 and initiates discussion on how can we collectively solve them using Solution Focused change techniques.

Sustainability v3.0:

So, how does Sustainability 3.0 look like? It is a state in which all employees in the organization realize the importance of sustainable business practices and make decisions while coordinating with all relevant stakeholders. The key challenge for Sustainability 3.0 is Engagement.

After analyzing global reports and white papers during 2011, the three key challenges for sustainability 3.0 were identified:

1.  Creating Change Leaders (tribal leaders) for total engagement:

Building an enduring corporate culture of sustainability in the business organization, where all employees are totally engaged in the formulation and implementation of sustainability initiatives, is the greatest challenge for sustainability in businesses. How can we create change leaders or influencers at all levels of the organization to promote sustainability?

2.  Communicating the Value Proposition to businesses

How did companies end up embracing “Quality” as an organization wide norm “Total Quality Management (TQM)”? How can thevalue proposition of “sustainability” be communicated so that it becomes a cultural norm or policy within businesses?

3.  Co-creating policies that promote Good Growth:

How can the businesses, governments and all related stakeholders co-create policies that promote good growth (financially, socially and environmentally sustainable)?

Need for Solutions Focus Change:

It’s high time we stop speaking about problems faced by companies, environmentalists, consumers, and governments in the field of sustainability. The repeated recession strikes on the economy should accelerate our actions in making the world more sustainable and arrive at comprehensive solutions quickly.

My question: How do we solve these 3 key challenges for sustainability initiatives in businesses using solution focus change techniques?

For an in-depth version of Venkat’s blog post click here

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  1. Alan Kay

    Venkat, really glad to post your fine piece and I urge other readers to download the longer pieces from Venkat, plus comment here on his post.

    My own comment is that stakeholder input (and insight), will be critical in v3.0. Those that know me will not be surprised when I say staff need to be viewed as one of, if not the the most critical stakeholders.

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