About The Book

A powerful tool for everyday work

Learn how to ‘Fry’ the monkeys (figuratively!) and start building real solutions.

This book shows you how to build on your current skill set and add a powerful tool for your work. You’ll soon find it to be the most useful approach in your personal facilitator’s toolbox.

As Natasha Parfyonova says;  The book is brilliant. I swallowed it in one sitting. It explains in a clear and persuasive way how asking solution-focused questions can help facilitate change in organizations. I liked that you chose a workbook format for your book and made it very practical by including specific questions or exercises that could be used in various situations. I had lots of “aha” moments as I read through the case studies provided by your collaborators.

The book will help you:

  • Understand how organizations benefit by moving from an inefficient problem-focus approach to creating highly efficient solutions that are visible, agile, tangible and sustainable.
  • Learn the ingredients required to make Solution Focus work for you and the organization.
  • Practice with sensible Solution Focus recipes and see change happen right away.

No, this is not another guru book. Solution Focus is a simple – not simplistic – deeply researched way to help people in organizations create the change they want to see.

Order Now On Amazon $14.95 + Shipping

Order Now On Amazon $14.95 + Shipping


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