7 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand Story…Now!

If you don’t think you need to pay attention to building your personal brand, just Google your name several different ways. Chances are, you’ll be surprised by what you find. Maybe nothing.Writing Your Personal Brand Story

Whether you’re employed or an independent knowledge capital worker, you need to define your brand or the world will define it for you in ways that you may not like.

No, your Linkedin profile is not your personal brand – it’s just one expression of it.

For more reasons, read the Tim Morawetz blog 7 insights on building your personal brand.

How do we create the content for our brand story?

Perhaps you’d like to create your personal brand story using 7 Solution Focused better questions to help you develop it, and make it happen

1.     List all the things your clients, colleagues and bosses (your stakeholders) would say if they were touting your excellent qualities. Pretend you are a detective – go through the list you’ve made and imagine you are interrogating these folks for more details on each one of these items. Better still, interview several of them directly. Avoid modesty – you’re doing this to amplify what already works.

2.    Write a list of things that you’d like to be better called ‘scope for improvement.’ Now put it aside. Have you ever heard about a brand that told you about its shortcomings?

3.     Review the list of excellent qualities from #1. Imagine those who sung your praises are now telling you the essence of your good qualities. Remember the Economist Magazine’s editorial policy; condense and exaggerate! Go ahead, synthesize #1

4.     Now ask yourself about how #’s 1 & 3 are useful to your stakeholders (clients, bosses, colleagues) and answer, what value do others get from my work – my skills, behaviours and attitudes? How do I help them?  This becomes your elevator speech

5.     Answer the question, suppose a wizard was to wave her/his magic wand and I found myself doing #3 in the near future in ways that not only pleased others, but myself also – what else would I be doing? Describe a typical day in your better future.

6.     Take a glance at the ‘scope for improvement’ list. If it’s bugging you ask, suppose I get to that future (#5), and I look back. What will I have done differently in order to address that list?

7.     Continue looking back from the future (#5) to the present, ask yourself what were the 2-3 small steps I took in the first week of building my personal brand?

7 Better Questions to Build Your Personal Brand Story

7 Better Questions to Build Your Personal Brand Story

You now have

  • what you offer (# 1)
  • your positioning or elevator speech (#’s 3, 4)
  • your value to others (#4),
  • where you want to get to (#5)
  • what to stop worrying about (#’s 2, 6)
  • your first steps towards progress (#7)

Now you can reframe / revise your resume, biography, Linkedin profile, etc.

And get out there networking!



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